Maria Ines Balli-Rubalcaba and husband, Benigno Casares-de Leon

Maria Ines was the daughter of Jose Antonio Balli-Cavazos (1813-1887) and Manuela Rubalcaba-Galvan (1824-1897)

Maria Inez Casares-Balli (1886-1969)

Maria Inez was married to Eugenio Munoz (1882-1941). She was the daughter of Maria Ines Balli-Rubalcaba and Benigno Casares-de Leon. Durning their marriage, they had ten children: Eugenio Jr., Jose, Filipa, Gilberto, Eulalia, Bertha, Beatriz, Cosme, Roberto, and Isabel. Children shown in this picture are from (front roll l to r), Felipa, Isabel, Cosme, Eduarda (Lala), (back roll l to r), Eugenio Jr., and Chito. This photocopy was provided by Frank Molina, Jr., son of Isbel Munoz Molina.

Refugia Balli-Rubalcaba (1840) and her brother, Primotivo Balli-Rubalcaba (1853- ??)

Refugia and Primotivo were daughter and son of Jose Antonio Balli- Cavazos and Manuela Rubalcaba-Galvan.

Victoria Balli-Rubalcaba and her sister, Maria Ines Balli-Rubalcaba

Victoria and Ines were the daughters of Jose Antonio Balli-Cavazos and Manuela Rubalcaba-Galvan. Daughter of Victoria (top right) is Timotea Balli-Munoz and daughter of Timotea (top left) is Frances Flores-Munoz.

Apolonio Balli-Salazar 1868-1955 and wife, Irene Balli-Amador (1880-1953)

Apolonio was the son of Manuel Balli-Rubalcaba (1838-1947) and Josefa Salazar-Cavazos (1841-1912). Children: Son, Apolonio Balli-Balli and Daughter, Irene Balli-Balli (held by Apolonio), and baby (held by Irene) is Avelardo Balli-Munoz.

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