Balli Family Heritage Flag

The Balli Family Flag was designed by Gene and his Wife Betty Martinez. Gene is retired from the General Telephone Company, now known as Verizon. Betty is also retired and is a RN Nurse. His idea for the flag came from the bible, as each Army had its own flag, and would be known by its colors from a distance. If the armys were known to be great warriors, as soon as the flag was seen, the enemy would be in fear. The idea for the flag is to give encourgement to all Balli ancestors. Another flag is also being designed by Gene with the Family Crest and will be on display when completed. The BFH flag made its debut at our last General Meeting in February, McAllen, Texas. In honor to Gene Martinez and Family, the seal has also been place on our newly designed certificates, designed by Jose Balli.

Meet Gene and Betty Martinez
(Designers of the Balli Family Flags)
When Gene first had the God given idea of making a flag, it was by trial and error when he first made the first smaller flag. He had no idea that the rest of the Balli Family would enjoy the flag so much. Some families even had their pictures taken in front of the first flag at the General Meeting in McAllen, February 2001. After that meeting, he felt determined that he could do better and therefore, started on a larger flag that would also have the family crest on one side. Through more trial and errors, he and his wife cut, drew, painted and sewed until the final flag came about. It was with all their hearts that the flag is an encouragement to each family members, and for there to be unity within the family. The flags will be before all General and Family Meetings for all famiies to see and especially be proud of our heritage.
Gene and Betty Martinez are lifetime residence of Texas. They have three children They love antiquing, drawing, painting and making crafts. Gene comes from a family of nine brothers and sisters. He is fifth generation great grandson of Jose Manuel Balli-Villarreal.
Gene feels that the making of the Balli Family Flag has been a labor of love. He is also making flag stands that will have the words "Balli County" on the side, in hopes that one day when the trail is over, that the Balli Family would be able to rename the county that encloses all the Balli heirs land.
If you were to ask Gene and Betty, what is the most important thing about their lives, it would be "that we excepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior".

Family Flag with Balli Framily Crest (June-2001)
Once again, we wish to express our graditute to Mr. Gene and Betty Martinez for a job well done. The completion of the Balli Family Flag w/ the Family Crest was competed on June - 2001. The making of the flag w/ crest is a tribute ot all Balli Descendents and our symbol of unification in rememberence of our fore-fathers accomplishments durning their time and era. THANKS, to Gene and his wife Betty Martinez.

Manuel Balli-Rubalcaba (1838-1916)

Funeral of Don Manuel Balli-Rubalcaba, died at the age of 77. Furneral services was held at a church in Beatriz, Texas. Manuel was the son of Jose Antonio Balli-Cavazos and Manuela Rubalcaba-Galvan. Manuel was born at the Balli Rancho in 1838. His was married to Josefa Salazar (1841-1912), and had 10 children; Antonia, Catarina, Porfirio, Liberata, Apolonio, Francisca, Manuel Jr., Ysidro, Antonio Balli-Salazar.

Isidro Balli-Salazar (1877-1934)

Ysidro was the son of Manuel Balli-Rubalcaba and Josefa Salazar. Born in Donna, Balli Rancho in 1877. At the age of (52) he took the Oath of Office and was sworn as Deputy Sheriff for the Conty of Hidalgo by Sheriff A. Y. Baker (1875-1930) on February 11, 1929. He died on November 12, 1934 at the age of 57, after following a 19 day illness on a Monday morning in the Municipal hospital in McAllen, Hidalgo County, Texas. Furneral services were held at the St. Joseph Catholic church in Donna, Texas, Rev. Cassedy officiating. Funeral arrangements were conducted by Nelson Funeral Home of McAllen. Ysidro was laid to rest at the Donna Cemetary.

Guadalupe Solis Balli

Guadalupe, born in 1912 on the Balli Rancho in Donna, Texas and was son of Isidro Balli-Salazar and Sostense Solis-Ramirez. He died in Austin, Texas in 1976. Guadalupe was married twice. His first marrieage was to Maria Robinson and had two children, Roy Robert Balli, and Claricia Balli. In his second marrieage, he and Virginia Cerda had six children.

Guadalupe Solis Balli and wife Virginia Handy Cerda

Virginia was born 1915 in Donna, Texas and was the daughter of Rosalio Cerda and Maria Handy. She died in Austin, Texas in 1977. In her marriage to Guadalupe, she gave birth to six children. Corina, Jose Guadalupe, Rene Lionel, Georte Lee, Samuel Mark, and Diana Marie Balli.

Children of Guadalupe Solis Balli

(l to r) Corina Balli Castruita, Jose Guadalupe Balli (aka Karatejoe), Claricia Robinson Balli Amaya, George Lee Balli, Roy Robert Robinson Balli (dec.), Samuel Mark Balli, Diana Marie Balli Perez, and Rene Lionel Balli. This picture was taken in 1976 on the day of their fathers funeral.

Children of Guadalupe Solis Balli (2017)

Photo taken on July 2017. There is one daughter and several great/plus missing in photo.>

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