Antonio Balli-Rubalcaba (1851-1913) (r) and his son, Avelardo Balli-Munoz (1887-1958)

Antonio was the son of Jose Antonio Balli-Cavazos and Manuela Rubalcaba-Galvan. He was married to Manuelita Munoz-Cavazos (1862-1931).

Lazaro Casares-Balli and his wife, Claudina Uresti and Family

Amelia Lopez-Garcia Tamez (1913-1986)

Amelia Lopez Tamez was married to Manuel Tamez (1915-1984) and had four children. She was the the daughter of Nicolas Lopez-Balli (1872-1957) and Agripinia Garcia. Picture was taken with her son Manuel Tamez, Jr. of Weslaco, Texas.

Jose Francisco Balli-Villarreal

This painting of Captain Jose Francisco is on the entrance wall of the Presidencia in Reynosa. Prior to this new painting, was the original where Captain Jose Francisco was mounted on a horse with the scroll on the side. His date of birth is an estimation and may have been 36 years old at that time. That would have placed him two years younger then his brother Jose Manuel Balli-Villarreal, born in 1766.

ENTERED / DOCUMENTED the 20th of June and the 4th of July of 1802, the currents of the Rio Grande destroyed the Villa of Reynosa. Captain Jose Francisco Balli before the Magnitude (people) proceded to rebuild the town (La Villa).

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