Roel Balli Garza
Roel Balli Garza
United States Navy
Vietnam War
Cuban Missile Crisis

Roel Balli Garza - Born In 7-25-40,Alamo,TX
U.S.Naval Reserve-1958-59,(While In High School)
U.S.Navy (Active Duty) 1960-63
Boot Camp-San Diego,Ca (9Wks)
Assigned/Reported to Aircraft Carrier USS Randolph CVS-15,Norfolk,VA.
Duties; Maintain 5" gun mounts, ships armory, magazines, assist in loading MK52 bombs, missiles from below decks to flight deck to load on aircraft.
Left active duty as E-3 (GMGSN). Participated in John Glenn Mission recovery. Mediterranean, Caribbean,Quebec and especially Cuban Missle Crisis.

Join U.S.N. Air Reserve, NAS Pt.Mugu,CA. From Sept 1974 To Dec 90, Retired as a Aviation Ordnancemen First Class.

Awards; Navy/Marine Commendation Medal, Naval Reserve (3) Award Medal, USN Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, USN/USMC Overseas Service Ribbon, Armed Forces Reserve/Navy Ribbon.


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