Refugia Balli-Rubalcaba (1840) and her brother, Primotivo Balli- Rubalcaba ((1853-??)

Refugia and Primotivo were daughter and son of Jose Antonio Balli-Cavazos and Manuela Rubalcaba-Galvan. Refugia was married to Francisco Lopez (1843-1883) and had four children; Nicolas, Guadalupe, Rosalia, and Librada Lopez-Balli.

Nicolas Lopez-Balli (1872-1937)

Nicolas was the son of Refugia and Francisco Lopez. He was married to Apripina Garcia (1869-?) and had seven children; Francisco, Pablo, Apripina, Esmerlinda, Refugia, Antonia, and Amelia Lopez-Garcia. Photo by his grandson Manuel Lopez Tamez, Jr. of Weslasco, Texas. Picture taken in 1938.

Niclolas and wife Argipina Balli-Garcia

Parents of Francisco,Pablo, Agrigina, Esmerlinda, Refugia, Antonia, and Amelia Balli-Garcia.
Nicolas Lopez-Balli and daughter Apripina Lopez-Garcia

Apripina, daughter of Nicolas and Apripina Garcia (never Married).

Amelia Lopez-Garcia (1913-1986)
Amelia, far right(polka dot dress), daughter of Nicolas Lopez-Balli and Apripina Garcia.

Amelia Lopez-Garcia

Wedding picture of Amelia and Manuel Tamez, Sr. (1912-1984). They were married on April 1935.

Amelia Lopez-Garcia Tamez

Amelia Lopez Tamez was married to Manuel Tamez (1915-1984) and had four children. She was the the daughter of Nicolas Lopez-Balli (1872-1957) and Agripinia Garcia. Picture was taken with her son Manuel Lopez Tamez, Jr. of Weslaco, Texas.

Children of Amelia Tamez and Manuel Tamez, Sr.

(left to Right) Ninfa Tamez Enriquez (Elsa TX), Manuel Tamez, Jr. (Weslaco), and Bertha Tamez (Weslaco) (Far right) Carolina Tamez Marroquin (Corpus Christi).

Children of Amelia Lopez Tamez

Children:(top) Manuel Tamez, Jr., (bottom) Carolina Tamez Marroquin (dec), (left) Bertha Tamez, (right) Ninfa Tamez Enriguez. Photo Credit: Carlos Marroquin, Jr. (son of Carolina) taken on March 18, 2006.
Manuel Lopez Tamez and his wife, Mary Lou Martinez Tamez

This photo was provided by their kids: Manuel Tamez III, Irene T. Cuellar, Beartiz T. Longoria, Elvira T. Garza, Amelia T. Martinez, Ricardo Tamez, Diana Tamez, and Diana Tamez.
Manuel Lopez Tamez is the son of Amelia Garcia Lopez Tamez, daughter of Francisco Balli Lopez and Agripina Rubalcaba Garcia.

Tamez Family Photo

(Top, left to right) Irene, Elvira, Manuel III, Beatriz, Ricardo, Amelia, and Diana Tamez. Parents; (Front) Marylou and Manuel Tamez, Jr.

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