Ballí Family Heritage
Austin, TX

by Jose G. Ballí
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By John D. Inclan
The first Ballí in America was Pedro Ballí (1545-1600), a printer, of Salamanca, Spain, the son of Juan Valli and Catalina Rodriguez (not Mauricio and Francisca Valli as sometimes reported). He was educated in Salmanca and Strassbourg (at that time in Germany). He sailed from Cadiz to Vera Cruz, Mexico, in 1569, where he married Catalina del Valle. They had three sons.
Ballí was named fourth printer of the New World by royal decree of King Philip II in 1574. He spoke five languages fluently and interpreted for the viceroy. His printing house was located on the corner of Moneda Street and Lic. Verdad on the plaza in Mexico City. This 400 year old, three-story brick building is being restored by the Mexican government, and will become a museum, in accordance with a proposal by Dr. Gutierre Tibon of Cuernavaca, an Italian and internationally known writer. Ballí produced over 60 books, (a book written by Lic. Juan Bautista Ballí of Mexico City in 1596 is in the University of Texas Pan American Library).

Descendants of Pedro Ballí II moved to Nuevo Leon. By 1750, Nicolas (1704- ) and Josefa Guerra de Ballí were living in Sabinas Hidalgo, about 70 miles north of present Monterrey. They had five sons, José Manuel, Bartolomeo, Juan José, Juan Antonio and José Mari´a Ballí. Durning the colonization of Nuevo Santander by José de Escondon in 1749, José Mari´a Ballí and Juan Antonio Ballí settled in Reynosa and became primitive settlers.


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Records obtained thru: Hidalgo County Berth/Death Records, Cameron County Death Records, 1900 Census/Pan American Lower Rio Grande Vally Hospital Sociaty (UTPA), and Latter Day Saints Genelogy Records, McAllen, Texas.
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