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February 24, 2014

To the Heirs of Spanish & Mexican Land Grants
Meeting Update

The meeting held on 02/22/14 was very successful and well attended (200+). The main topic was about Texas House Bill 724 and its aftermath. The meeting was filmed under the direction of Professor and Curator Dr. Margaret Dorsey from the Border Studies of the University of Texas Pan American Library. The last (3) BFO meetings and future meetings will be taped by her staff and will be archived for viewing at the University.

Master of Ceremonies: Richard P. Balli, BFO Vice-President, Descendant of La Barreta Land Grant and the Hinojosa Family Line

The following are the subjects covered:

  • Fred B. Balli, BFO President, spoke about BFO accomplishments and the Movie project. If you are interested on details of the movie project contact Fred via email at or call 956-750-0430.
  • Shawn De La Garza descendant from the Espirito Santo Land Grant debated the issues with House Bill 724 and the abuse of Politics.
  • Jake Fuller is a Texas lobbyists and he spoke about the importance on having a lobbyist on the payroll especially for a group such as ours.
  • Dr. Canales is a land grant descendant and is also on the committee for Texas House Bill 724. He informed the group that he will do the best job possible. He reminded us that the committee on HB-724 is only making recommendations and the legislative group would decide if it becomes law.
  • Nick Balli, descendant and heir of La Barreta, Salvador del Tule, Llano Grande, La feria and Padre Island land grants, emphasized the need to share info and ideas to move forward.
  • Conrad A. Gonzales, Historian / Genealogy Expert / Author of Silence of the Lands the Untold Truth of Texas History spoke about the significance of his book in our fight for our Land Grants.
  • Tomas J. Krummel, Historian / Genealogist informed the group that his life work on genealogy is available for viewing upon request.

We also had on hand the books written by Joel Rene Escobar the author and editor of seven books. Lita and Mara Escobar showed the following list of books;

The Family Tree/The Seabury Papers written by Francis William Seabury (hard bound) and transcribed by Joel Rene Escobar.   Book sells for $140.00 Index $20.00

Family History of Jose Maria Escobar and his Descendants (hard bound) $80.00

Balli Family History (La Barreta & Padre Island Branches) (hard bound) $90.00

Capt. Ignacio Guerra Canamar and his descendants with Index $120.00

Capt. Bartolome Gonzalez and His Descendants (hard bound) $120.00 Index $20.00

Capt. Miguel Sanchez Saenz $100.00 no index

The Genealogy of Bartolome de Trevino I $30.00

Mier in History translated by Jose Maria Escobar IV $25.00

El Cid and His descendants Books are sold out. (Hard bound)

If interested in buying any of these books please call his sisters;

Mara Escobar Romero 972-333-4276

Lita Escobar 956-781-2205

On Friday February 28, 2014 the committee for Texas House Bill 724 will meet at the Texas State Capital in Austin. Anyone interested on attending should be there before 10:00 AM because it promptly starts on time. We need to have our voices heard and this is the time and place for this to happen. Show your support by attending this meeting! Very important we need everyone to attend this first public hearing on unclaimed minerals funds held by the Texas Comptroller. Below are the directions to the meeting room;

Conference Room 130

This is how to get to the meeting room in Austin.
HP724 Public comment hearing
This Friday starts at 10:00 AM
Exit I-35N at Texas Capital
Watch for sign on left stating Visitor Capital Parking
Park in Visitor Parking Garage which is on the left side of road
Walk two blocks to the Visitor entrance to the Main Texas State Capital building
You can only enter and exit through the Visitor Entrance
Once through security screening
Ask for directions to building
Room 130
Commerce Committee meeting room
You will go upstairs from Security Screening
Then take an elevator down to basement
Then walk through tunnel to Building E-1
Then go up one level and walk to almost the end where you will find room 130 on the left
To exit you must reverse all steps above.

Fred B. Balli