December 07, 2006

NOTICE: To the heirs of Jose Manuel Ballí Villarreal
RE: Update from 10/28/2006 Family Meeting

The Organization’s mission statement below was formulated based upon our purpose, services and values. It will be used in published materials and funding requests.

“At BFO,
We lead the family worldwide to information vital to our heritage.
Fact finding is our mission and
Unity is our bond.”

The meeting was very positive and well represented by all lineage groups. We are working on recognizing all the primary heirs of Jose Manuel Ballí Villarreal that are supportive of our mission. Our goal is to recruit as many Ambassadors as needed to accommodate each line.

In order to become an Ambassador, you need to prove that you link to Jose Manuel Balli-Villarreal as a primary heir. Each Ambassador will be responsible for recruiting 25 primary heirs within the same branch. They will be the key contacts for keeping the 25 primary heirs informed of current issues and also tracking any addresses or phone changes. So far, we have (3) Ambassadors from the Ignacio line, (1) from the Manuela line, (5) from the Antonio line and (2) from the Francisco line.

Anyone interested in becoming an Ambassador or whom wants to become part of a group, please notify Diana Balli at (956)-686-4666. If you are a secondary heir or beyond and I know there are hundreds of you out there; please continue to do your part by supporting the primary heir of your line. They will become your key contact to privileged information.

The following were voted in as the Organization’s Board of Directors and are identified as qualified individuals who are supportive of our mission and are willing to give of their talents and time: Fred Balli, Ricardo P. Balli, David Balli, Gloria Gibney, Art Balli and Ramiro Balli.

The family is excited about establishing a Balli Museum. Plans are in the works to make this a reality. The Board of Directors is currently seeking and evaluating attorney contracts. Check with your Ambassador for updates.

I would like to thank all of you that helped make the meeting possible and a complete success.

Respectfully yours,
Fred B. Ballí