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November 10, 2007

NOTICE: To the Heirs of Ballí Spanish Land Grants
RE: Update from 10/06/2007 Family Meeting


The meeting was well attended and everyone stayed focused on every subject of discussion. It is good that we are gathering in this way. It allows us to understand one another, better.

The big event of the day was when Rene Escobar spoke about the up coming Balli book he is working on. The following are some highlights from his presentation:

• Balli Myths
• Early ownership to the land
• Balli and Hinojosa Land Grants
• The changing times – History of Texas (1836-1865)
• The Family Album – The Photographs
• The Genealogy of the Balli Family

Rene received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his presentation. He has done a great job with the research work he has completed.

Dee Dee King was another special guest and she explained the ins and outs about genealogies. She is a certified genealogist, publisher and lecturer. We understand that some District Courts will only accept genealogies submitted by a Certified Genealogist. It is in the family’s best interest to take this route. For more information on this subject, go to her web site:

Inez Neumann was voted in as one of the Organization’s Board of Directors. Inez is supportive of our mission and is willing to give of her talents and time, welcome to the team.

Discussions and evaluations of the Attorneys were conducted and they were strictly confidential in nature. Please check with your Ambassador for updates. We are passing on to the Ambassadors the most up to date information and it’s the responsibility of the primary heir to call their Ambassador and get updates on this subject.

Jules L. Laird is offering a contract to Padre Island Balli family members. The steps needed to sign up with the law firm are as follows:

  1. Go to a certified genealogist of your choice
  2. Get confirmed lineage to Juan Jose Balli
  3. Contact their offices for a contract

I would like to thank all of you for making the meeting a complete success.

Respectfully yours,
Fred B. Balli