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November 6, 2001


NOTICE: To all the heirs of Jose Manuel Ballí Villarreal
RE: Cause No. 1261; The John G. and Marie Stella Memorial Foundation v. Sylvia Menchaca Ballí Aguilera, In the 105th District Court of Kenedy County, Texas.


As many of you already know, the Kenedy Foundation has sued and in some cases re-sued members of our family. Many of the new people being sued are the children of a primary heir ("secondary heirs") and do not belong in the lawsuit. We believe they are targeting our children to delay the case and to harass and intimidate our family.

Do not be scared or intimidated by the new lawsuit papers. Instead, join us in this historic fight for justice and to restore honor to our family!

The deadline for you to file an answer will depend on when you received the lawsuit papers. Many people were served around October 29th and the deadline to file an answer is either Monday, November 19th or November 26th depending on the date you signed for the papers.

If you have been sued and are represented by an attorney, you need to immediately contact your attorney and tell him the date you signed for the papers.

New people to the lawsuit need to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Ballí attorney and family member, Hector Cárdenas represents the majority of the primary heirs in the case. If you want to hire him, you need to sign a contract and return it to primo Hector before the deadline. Once Hector has received your signed contract, he will then file an answer to the lawsuit on your behalf. If you need a contract, please do not hesitate to contact Joe Ballí at (512) 478-5438.

God bless you and please continue to pray for justice.

Respectfully yours,

Fred B. Ballí