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November 2 , 2008

To Justice Dori Contreras Garza
Letter to Public Servant (Reply to Reply)

Dear Dori,

Thank you for your reply. You have our vote... When we show up again in court just remember what you said,

"As a judge, I am bound by the Code of Judicial Conduct and must remain neutral and impartial in all cases that come before the court. Therefore, I cannot respond with the type of support that [I am] willing to give. I can only say that any other cases that may come before the court will also be reviewed carefully and decided according to the law."

As for our case the last chance for the heirs of Jose Manuel Balli Villarreal to directly attack the judgment is on or before September 2, 2009. We have to properly document and attach evidence of extrinsic fraud to a Petition for Bill of Review and file it with the Court. We have new evidence of fraud, collusion, payoffs and malpractice that will come out in court. Any strategy or evidence about our case is strictly on a need to know basis because people’s careers are at stake.


Fred B. Balli, President
Ricardo P. Balli, Vice-President
Balli Family Organization