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October 15, 2008

To the Heirs of Ballí Spanish Land Grants
Update of October 2008 Balli Family Meeting & Protest

The first thing I would like to bring up is the extraordinary effort put forth by the family members that helped in making this two day event a "BIG SUCCESS". We covered a lot of ground and have more to cover. KGBT-TV Channel 4 and the Valley Morning Star newspaper reported on our activities. WE THE PEOPLE a newspaper out of Corpus Christi will also be reporting on our activities. We have never been heard because of political corruption. We need to stand politically strong and united to get this case back on track.

Texas House of Representatives member Juan Manuel Escobar was our guest speaker. Mr. Escobar represents the following Counties: Jim Hogg, Brooks, Kleberg, Kenedy, Willacy and part of Cameron that includes South Padre Island. Mr. Escobar said that over the years taking steps in the court system the Balli Family has never been heard. This is a case where the wealthy have always been protected and the poor have never been heard, not even in court. The case of the Ballí Family is crucial to other pending cases because they will never be given justice either. Therefore, he is saying that a jury of our peers should hear our case without interference from outside sources that have nothing to do with the Ballí case. He is helping in this endeavor.

Rene Escobar, Author of, "The Ballí Family - Reynosa and Matamoros" presented a Power Point presentation of our book. Here is a comment from a family member... "I was going to buy one book before Mr. Escobar’s presentation, after hearing his presentation I decided to purchase two more for my son and daughter." The books will become heirlooms that will be passed down to our future generations. The Ballí book can be purchased by placing an order with Richard Ballí at 956-240-1999. After payment is received the book will be shipped to you.

Dee Dee King, Certified Genealogist, At the meeting Mrs. King explained the importance of a certified process. For those of you that submitted your documents with the contract and payment, your evidence has been entered into the Ballí Family Documented Database and she will continue to search for connections. Those who submitted the documents for review only and did not submit a contract or payment, please contact her if you wish to submit a contract and payment so you can be added to the database. The Zapata court threw out almost all previous declarations of heirship due to non-conformance. This is one more reason why we should move forward with the certified process. Visit her web site for more information on declarations at:

David Ballí unveiled and gave a brief history of the Coat of Arms that the book and web site will adopt as the official Ballí emblem. The Coat of Arms is a gift for the family. It will be the center piece of the web site and you will be able to print a color copy for your own records. David is also asking for your current email addresses. Please send your email address to:

Fred Ballí, Gloria Gibney, Richard Ballí, Gus Aranda and Nick Ballí held discussions on the attorney search and on current attorneys involved in all Ballí land grant issues. Discussions and evaluations of the Attorneys are strictly confidential in nature. Please check with your Ambassador for details.

In conclusion, we have determined that the political vote is one of our best weapons to get justice or monetary compensation. We are asking the family for a united vote. We are gathering names of eligible voters and we are asking for your support. Be expecting an email or a phone call from your Ambassador on this matter. If you don’t know who your Ambassador is please contact Richard Ballí at 956-240-1999 or Diana Ballí at 956-686-4666 for assistance. The vote will be used to support politicians that support the family’s cause. The family will not vote for those that will not support our cause. Three-thousand votes are very valuable in any election. As for our case we have new evidence of fraud, collusion, payoffs and malpractice that will come out in court. Any strategy or evidence about our case is strictly on a need to know basis because people’s careers are at stake. That’s how sensitive this issue is. Keep checking the BFO website for updates or you can be notified via an email if we have your current email address on file.

Respectfully yours,
Fred B. Balli

P.S. Check the Ballís in the News section of the BFO website to see the KGBT-TV Channel 4 and the Valley Morning Star newspaper articles about the wind farm protest.