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September 20, 2011

To the Heirs of Spanish & Mexican Land Grants
A letter from the Vice-President

Balli Members and all friends of Ancestral Families of South Texas, I would like to invite you to one of most important meetings we've had in the past 5 years. Great situations and events are moving fast and this is why we are on such short notice. We are having a very important meeting on October 1st. Things are moving fast and we will be discussing issues that will be very important to everyone. Main topics will be the (5) major motion pictures that will begin to film shortly about the great influence that our Spanish & Mexican Ancestral families have contributed to all of South Texas and the rest of Texas. We will discuss important matters about the Tejano Land Grant Movement, the "La Barreta Grant" and the matter of completing the confirmation of the Heirs with Mrs. King. She developed and is nearly completed with the Balli Family Master Database project.

You will not be disappointed with this important meeting. If you want to make a difference, I sincerely suggest you attend. Due to the short notice, we need a definite Yes or No that you will attend. We need to turn in a meal head count for the meeting which will be held at the ECHO HOTEL in Edinburg, Texas. See the last update for information and details about the meeting. I apologize for the short notice however as I mention before, the date that we have set was the only convenient time to hold this meeting. You will see a list of members in the announcement section of the web site where you can obtain your tickets. You must submit your check or money order for your tickets so we can mail them to you. If we get close to the deadline to mail you back your tickets, we will hold them at the door. If you have questions, please call us from the list posted on the announcement on the web site. If we don't answer, please leave a message, we have been busy with calls and getting this meeting underway. Please help us with your patience and understanding. We are working hard to accomplish our goals for EVERYONE.

Thank You,
Ricardo P. Balli, Vice-President of BFO