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July 12, 2008

To the Heirs of Ballí Spanish Land Grants
Wind Farm Peaceful Protest Update

We will fight this with all legal means at our disposal. Rain and shine the rally went off without any accidents or arrests. Let the pictures below tell the story.

They were waiting for us. (Notice the K-9 Unit)

They decided on more reinforcements.

And more

And more... (Notice the Game Warden)

And even more! (Notice the State Trooper)

I think they’re talking about whom else they can call. (Maybe the Army)

We started arriving and getting ready.

Our future Generation busy protesting.

"Rain or shine we were there."

"Notice to Vacate"

Nick has given the notice to a law enforcement officer to deliver.

They are reading the "Notice to Vacate" and are amused by it.


A reader submitted the following comments to the Valley Morning Star:

A Jury of your peers, what a novel concept in this day and age when our United States Constitution is being held to it's highest standard(s). However, it seems that a bias Judge who is sworn to act without prejudiced has neglected this Constitutional concept. Let's start with denial of a Jury Trial, or shall I say denial of "Due Process". The last time I picked up a Law Book, this right is granted to all United State citizens. Is not the local government denying the Balli family of "Life, Liberty, and PROPERTY? Shame on this biased court! The "Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments" guarantee this right, which translates to "Fundamental Fairness". Let's do some thinking here...denial of a constitutional Right is a FEDERAL VIOLATION of expressed rights!

The Balli Family should not just request a "Change of Venue" for this case but have an attorney examine what's really happened here. The Balli family has been denied their rights under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. Have we forgotten the "Equal Protection Clause" of the Fourteenth Amendment? Judges are empowered (instead of legislators) to guarantee this exclusive right. "Dred Scott v Sanford" requires that: "Citizens of every race and color [have] full and equal benefits of ALL laws and proceedings for the security of person and property, as is enjoyed by white persons." This has turned into a lack of fundamental fairness, which translates into DISCRIMINATION for the Balli Family. Why else have they requested a "Change of Venue"? The Judge will not grant a FAIR AND IMPARTIAL HEARING, nor grant a JURY BY PEERS because of the compelling and CREDIBLE evidence this family presents to the Court of Law. This goes far beyond being a "Crybaby" as one reader stated with much ignorance.

A Constitutional violation has occurred here; therefore, this case should be appealed to a Federal Court of Law! Too bad Mr. Charles Hamilton Houston is not around to try this Constitutional Abortion Case. Theft of land is a Federal Offense. Godspeed BALLI FAMILY!

Respectfully yours,
Fred B. Ballí