June 5, 2005

NOTICE: To the heirs of Jose Manuel Ballí Villarreal
RE: Update on La Barreta Motion for Rehearing

A terrible injustice happened when Judge McDowell kept us from our day in court by dismissing our case by summary judgment.

On May 26, 2005, the injustice was allowed to continue when the 13th Court of Appeals denied our Motion for Rehearing without any reasoning whatsoever.

This means that the opinion written by Dori Contreras Garza against the Balli family stands. Our only acceptable option is now to take our fight for justice to the Texas Supreme Court.

After being postponed by PBS station KMBH in Harlingen, BORDER BANDITS is finally going to be seen in the Rio Grande Valley, June 7, at 7 pm. Please watch this hour-long documentary and learn “LA VERDAD” of what really happened to us.

Respectfully yours,
Fred B. Balli