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May 18, 2008

NOTICE: To the Heirs of Ballí Spanish Land Grants
RE: Update May 2008


The following are updates on the Ballí book, the certified genealogist and case issues:

Rene Escobar on Monday, June 2, 2008, Author of, "The Ballí Family - Reynosa and Matamoros" will present a Power Point presentation of our book to Las Porciones Society that will start at 7:00 P.M. at the Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library in the Main Meeting Room, 1906 S. Closner Edinburg, Texas. You are welcomed to come see a preview of the book’s content and meet Mr. Escobar.

Dee Dee King, Certified Genealogist, has already processed several hundred documents for many family members. For those of you that submitted your documents with the contract and payment, your evidence has been entered into the Ballí Family Documented Database and she will continue to search for connections. Those who submitted the documents for review only and did not submit a contract or payment, please contact her if you wish to submit a contract and payment so you can be added to the database. Anyone being on record as an heir in another court such as Zapata, is "open for challenge", if they submit that instrument in a new case. This is the main purpose of building the Ballí Family Documented Database. Once the evidence documenting the family connections has been entered, we will be able to quickly generate a list of the people whom we can prove connect. We will be able to defend connections in court now because we have the paper trail as evidentiary proof. Visit her web site for more information at:

Jules L. Laird, Jr. argued before the Texas Supreme Court on April 22nd against the oil company in the Ballí PI (Kerlin v. Sauceda) case. Many of the University students that wanted to attend the hearing were turned away due to an over capacity crowd. The Supreme Court Justices will deliver an opinion on the case at a later date. The oral arguments before the Court were broadcast via a web cast. You can still see the court action from the following internet link:

With a fifty year dilemma, Jules has had a tough job on his hands proving the family’s rights in front of nine Texas Supreme Court Judges. The family is saying that he did an outstanding job.

Respectfully yours,
Fred B. Ballí

P.S. We are still searching for Padre Island heirs that connect to the Juan Jose Ballí and Candida de la Garza Falcon lineage, which have not yet been identified by the Court. If you believe you are an heir to Juan Jose Ballí and Candida de la Garza Falcon please take immediate action and notify Dee Dee King. Your time is running out!