May 5, 2006

NOTICE: To the heirs of Jose Manuel Ballí Villarreal
RE: Texas Supreme Court Rules on Cause 1261

On September 02, 2005 the Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of the lower court’s decision to protect the Kenedy Memorial Foundation by not giving us our day in court. Meaning that the Catholic Church will continue to receive money that rightfully belongs to the Balli heirs. The reason I mention the Catholic Church is because they hold an 80 percent interest. In fact, they are one in the same. That information comes from an article in the Texas Monthly Magazine published September 2004. This is what they wrote:

Sarita, the last of the Kenedy’s, died childless in 1961, leaving the bulk of her estate to the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation, named for her parents. Elena died in 1984, leaving her estate to the John G. Kenedy Jr. Charitable Trust. The two institutions are handled by the administrators and lawyers; together, they control assets valued between $500 million and $1billion, of which about 80 percent of the income goes to the Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi, the Christus Spohn Health System, and various Catholic charities.

  The court’s decision is a set back for the family but by no means the end of our struggle. We will not give up until the true record is set straight. We are the true owners of La Barreta and we have more than enough evidence to prove it. What this means to the Kenedy Memorial Foundation lawyers is that they are going to have to face up that the Balli Family is not going to disappear. They know if they grant us a jury trial the outcome will be in favor of the Balli Family. This family will not allow for this type of South Texas j udicial law abuse to continue and we are getting ready to turn up the heat. At our last meeting in October, I asked if anyone had a reason not to continue with our mission, no one came forward. Plans are in the works to move forward with our crusade for justice in court. I believe in miracles ...Do you?

Since Cause 1261 is dead, Balli Family Heritage is now defunct and a new organization has been formed. It will be known as Balli.Org short for Balli Family Organization. It will encompass all remaining Balli groups from Cause 1261 into one powerful unified group. We will post details as they become available at www.Balli.Org.  

Respectfully yours,
Fred B. Ballí

P.S. Recently, I had dined at a Chinese restaurant and got the following in my cookie:
You are on the right track but if you just sit there they will run right over you.