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January 10, 2002

NOTICE: To all the heirs of Jose Manuel Ballí Villarreal
RE: Cause No. 1261; The John G. and Marie Stella Memorial Foundation v. Sylvia Menchaca Ballí Aguilera, In the 105th District Court of Kenedy County, Texas.


The Kenedy Memorial Foundation ("KMF") has filed a Motion for Citation By Publication, in which they are asking the court to add the "unknown and unborn" heirs of Jose Manuel Ballí Villarreal to the lawsuit. A copy of the Motion is posted on our website.

The KMF is planning to post the notice in the Kingsville newspaper because Sarita, the city where the Kenedy County courthouse is located, is so small that it does not have a local newspaper.

Those of you that are still waiting on the sidelines need to get involved because whether you like it or not you and your unborn children are in the process of being sued. Stand up for your rights and join us in this historic crusade to return La Barreta to our family. Any primary heirs who are not involved should immediately hire an attorney. Balli family member Hector Cárdenas is the lead attorney and anyone interested in hiring him can obtain a contract by contacting his office at (512) 477-4242 or by contacting Joe Ballí at Balli Family Heritage at the address and phone number at the top of this letter.

A hearing is scheduled for January 22, 2002 in Corpus Christi. The time of the hearing and the courtroom will be posted on our website as soon as it has been confirmed. The most important part of the hearing is our Motion to Compel the KMF to provide the information we need to prove that we cannot get a fair trial in Kenedy, Kleberg or Nueces County. If you wish to attend you may, but remember seating will be limited.

Joe Ballí is sending out letters that membership fees are due on January of each year. Please do your part by supporting the organization. After all, fifty dollars a year is not bad considering the information that you get in return.

Respectfully yours,
Fred B. Ballí